1. November Blue

  2. 3) you will be scattered and off-balance when you’re not doing what your heart tells you to do. #diyguidetofightingthebigmotherfuckinsad #adamgnade #diy
  3. The National - "Sea Of Love"

  4. "To other landing our arms leading
    let us trust the wind and tide ebbing
    to waft us westward."

    J. R. R. Tolkien, from “The Fall of Arthur” (via the-final-sentence)
  5. ‘Slomo’ - NYTimes.com

    Hard to watch and to keep thinking about.

  6. don’t lie to yourself about love

    (Source: lion-blood)

  7. "And once or twice he thought he glimpsed her in the street."

    J.G. Farrell, from Troubles (via the-final-sentence)
  8. almondsurfboards:

9’2 triple stringer Lumberjack complete with double deck and tail patch #almondsurfboards  (at Almond Surfboards)
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